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We have been operating in Dubai for over 12 years. We provide services in the field of buying, selling and managing your properties.

4 years leader on the market

500+ sales in 2023


Move Homes Real Estate

We are here to help you realize your Investment dreams in Dubai.

Move Homes offers a personal approach and comprehensive services of the highest level real estate agency.

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4 years leader on the market

500+ sales in 2023

We fill investment Dreams in Dubai


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170 000 €



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When buying an apartment in Dubai, I chose MOVE HOMES and it was a great move. Broker Veronika took care of everything from the withdrawal to all the formalities. My satisfaction is confirmed by the purchase of another apartment and the continuation of our cooperation.

Roman Lichardus

I am very happy with Move Homes. This is what a 21st-century real estate agency should look like: willing to explain, listen, promptly offer options and advise on decisions when it is necessary to act quickly. Highly recommend!

Miriama Tothova

Although it didn't work out for us with real estate in Dubai, we were very happy to meet Veronika Plicht. Just as she helped us with the purchase, she also helped with the subsequent sale. First class service, always helpful and not a single question left unanswered. If we are ever going to buy property in Dubai then only through MOVE HOMES. Thank you

Matúš Krok

I would never say that one day I will own a property in Dubai. The process was difficult for me, as the selection of real estate in Dubai has a completely different procedure than in Slovakia. I decided to buy from the plans, which allowed me to take advantage of flexible installments, which suited me the most. After about 200 offers, I finally managed to choose the apartment that interested me right at the beginning. Thank you very much MOVE HOMES.

Aneta Bučková

In February, my wife and I visited Dubai, where we met Veronika. Very willingly and on a professional level, she explained to us all the possibilities of buying real estate in Dubai for us, Slovaks, as foreign investors. We sincerely thank her for the many answers to our endless questions and for a pleasant meeting. If we decide to buy a property, it will certainly be through Veronica and her company MOVE HOMES.

Milan Kittler

My first foreign investment in real estate was Dubai, thanks to Veronika everything is going as it should. She is very precise, tells the truth and is still helpful. This is how I imagine the work of a real estate broker. 100% recommend!

Radovan Majzún

From the first contact with the real estate agency Move Homes, we were completely impressed by Simon and Žanet, who were not only very professional, but also exceptionally helpful. With their help, we found in a short time the ideal apartment that met all our requirements. We highly recommend Move Homes to anyone considering buying property in Dubai.

Jaroslav I.

Veronika first helped me understand the real estate market in Dubai: I will not lie, it took me quite a long time to make a decision, and yet she was patient and understood my needs. When the opportunity I was looking for arose, she was prompt and thorough in assistance, removing all the inevitable doubts that arise when a person takes such a step for the first time. Today I can say that I am completely satisfied, I have recommended it to other people and will definitely turn to it in the future.

Alessandro Allara

Veronika Plichtová is a professional in the real estate sector, with whom my family was very happy. She advised us the ideal solution according to our needs and budget, accompanied us throughout the purchase process and cooperated with top professionals. Her help with the bureaucracy was invaluable. She also supported us in the purchase of furniture and ensured all logistics processes with accuracy and reliability. Veronika is punctual, patient and reliable — a real leader in the field of real estate, we were completely satisfied with her services.

Michele Criscitiello

We have been making decisions about investing in real estate in Dubai for a long time. Veronika with her knowledge of the market, experience and patience in finding the right project for us, contributed to our decision. Most of all I appreciate the smoothness and simplicity of the course of the entire purchase. After my experience so far with the real estate agency Move Homes, I can recommend them responsibly.

Aneta Kondelová

Konateľ v Kondela s.r.o.

Move Homes Real Estate

We are a team of real estate brokers  with a wide range of services.




We answer

Do I have to be in Dubai when buying?

No, you don't have to move anywhere; you can buy the property from the comfort of your home. Our team will arrange everything you need for you.

What does the term “amenities” mean

In the real estate world, the term “amenities” refers to the additional services and benefits that are part of or are located in the vicinity of the property. These amenities may include swimming pools, fitness centers, parks, playgrounds, security services, restaurants, shops and access to public transport. Amenities are a key factor in the decision to buy or rent a property, as they add value and increase the comfort and quality of life of residents and tenants. In Dubai, where great emphasis is placed on luxury and comfort, these amenities are often rich and varied.

What does EOI mean?

The abbreviation EOI stands for “Expression of Interest”. This term describes the way in which potential investors or buyers show their interest in a particular property or investment opportunity. The expression of interest may be formal or informal and may contain information about the investor's requirements, financial capabilities and other relevant factors. This approach allows sellers or developers to better understand market interest and decide on further steps, such as starting a formal negotiation or providing more information about the property.

What does the abbreviation DLD mean?

DLD stands for “Dubai Land Department” (Dubai Real Estate Department). This government organization is responsible for the regulation and administration of the real estate market in Dubai. It oversees the registration of real estate, the implementation of legislation related to the purchase and sale of real estate, and provides various services and initiatives to support the development of the real estate sector in Dubai. Their work is key to the transparency and credibility of the real estate market.

Is investing in Dubai really safe?

The real estate market in Dubai is highly regulated, and fraud does not occur here. When buying real estate “out of paper”, your money does not go directly to the developer's corporate account, but is deposited in the so-called escrow account, that is, in notarial custody. This custody serves as an intermediate link between the investor and the developer. If during the construction of the project or with the developer there were any problems, your money from notarial custody will be returned to you. Thus, it cannot happen that you buy a project “out of paper”, and the developer disappears with your money. Notarial custody is a legislative obligation and provides bulletproof protection for your investment.

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Monika Kizilyaprak

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Daniela Gažová

Daniela Gažová is a qualified lawyer with many years of experience in the field of Compliance and an expert in off-plan projects. Thanks to her unique combination of knowledge of law and the real estate market, she will competently advise you on investing in Dubai from choosing the right developer and project to understanding the accompanying documentation and contracts.

In addition to assisting in the purchase of real estate, she will also advise you on related topics such as setting up a Dubai business, tax optimization, or arranging investor visas. You can also know Daniela from social networks, where she is dedicated to content creation and spends her free moments exercising and traveling.

Monika Kizilyaprak

Monika Kizilyaprak is a real estate broker in Dubai with extensive experience in short-term rentals and more than 8 years of experience in this dynamic market. As an expert, she can help discover all the secrets and opportunities that Dubai, as an exciting investment destination, offers.

Her passion and deep knowledge of the market allow her to provide clients with the best advice and adapt to their individual needs to achieve their real estate goals. In her free time, she likes to discover new restaurants and places that she recommends to her clients. Her passion for swimming, sports and fashion inspires her to take a disciplined and creative approach in her work.

Veronika Plichtová

Veronika Plicht has been working in Dubai as a real estate expert for four years. Six months ago, she opened her own real estate agency, the goal of which is to sell the highest quality and most investment-interesting real estate in the Emirates. She has the most capable brokers in her office, which she has personally trained in order to provide the highest quality services on the market.

She studied linguistics at the University of Bologna in Italy, where she also spent a year studying in Hanover, Germany. She has worked professionally in Prague, Germany, London and now Dubai.

Simona Chlápková a Žaneta Vašková

Simona and Žaneta are experienced real estate agents who started their careers in the historic city of Prague. Having fulfilled their goals in this country, they decided to get out of the comfort zone and use their business skills in Dubai. They have experience in the luxury segment of real estate, but also with investment apartments for capital appreciation over time. Their main goal is to sell only quality real estate from first-class developers and build long-term relationships with clients based on trust and seriousness.

In their free time, they are engaged in an active lifestyle and self-development. Their passion is also to travel and discover new interesting places and restaurants, not only in the UAE, but also around the world. They are able to find clients quality real estate, but also advise on how to indulge in the right lifestyle.

Natália Švarbová

Natalia Shvarbova - while studying psychology, discovered a passion for understanding human motivation, mind and behavior. For more than 8 years she has worked in the field of human resources as a Business Partner for successful international companies. During her time in HR, communication, understanding of human nature and building trust have been key for her, and it is these aspects that she will translate into effective business relationships and an individual approach to clients.

Whether it is a home full of family memories or an investment opportunity with high potential, her commitment to quality and client care makes her a trusted partner in achieving goals and fulfilling dreams of an ideal home or investment, in a metropolis that is a symbol of innovation and never-ending progress.

She specializes in off-plan projects and will also advise you on related topics such as setting up a Dubai business, tax optimization or investor visa arrangement.

Simona Šándorová

Interior designer and founder of the prestigious Feelhomefactory concept.

After years in the design business, Simona decided to use her experience, penetrate the real estate market and offer clients not only the design, but also the real estate itself.

As a designer, she can evaluate the quality of equipment, workmanship and project details. Equally important is the layout, what the apartment lacks and what its added values and potential are. When arranging and intensive visits to buildings and projects, he naturally perceives the surroundings, the traffic situation and the overall comfort of accessibility and use. He sees where the developer has saved from the user's point of view, and where, on the contrary, offers a decent superstandard. He will evaluate the overall impression and comfort of the result and what type of lifestyle it offers.

Therefore, he sees the meaning not only in creating a home, but also in finding it to your liking.